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A story of realization, planning, and the will to succeed.

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Happy St. Patty's Day

Nana Today marks day 67 on the #75Hard mental toughness challenge. I am still here grinding it out to a perfect 75 days. Following a facebook ban for complete and utter bogus-ness, I am back to being able to post them to my feed. Today is St. Patrick's Day. For most, this is a day to enjoy in excess. Corned beef, cabbage, and plenty of green beer abounds. I definitely will take part in a healthy version of the meal, alcohol will remain off limits. I am also set to work a larg

Day 49

Still On The Grind Today marks day 49 out of 75 for the #75Hard regimen. As of today, my total transformation from a weight perspective is 302.6 to 264.8...37.8 total lbs. It has truly been an amazing feeling thus far to feel so much better on a daily basis. My foot is constantly giving me problems flaring up an old injury, but I just keep one foot in front of the other grinding forward. The pain is unbearable at times, but ibuprofen and some ice relieves it. Once this 75 day

Still Going Strong

Day 41 Complete It has been some time since I have posted, but I have been dedicating a majority of my time to work and staying determined on my goals. I have now completed all of my yearly evaluations for school, which makes me feel good to have behind me. A little update on my results thus far...I have lost 40 lbs as of two mornings ago. 306 to 266, however 10 of these pounds were dropped before the #75Hard challenge started. I feel a huge accomplishment for this, however I

I'm Sure You Think I Failed

Still Going Strong Well, life has seemed to get in the way a lot lately in terms of taking my time away from being able to write on a daily basis. I am going to try and get back on track with more frequent updates like in the past. Today is Day 24 for my wife and I on our #75Hard journey. Today was a rest day from crossfit training, as I completed two 45 minute walking workouts. Tomorrow, I will back on the grind with an hour morning crossfit workout and evening cardio sessio

Hump Day

Wednesdays are a unique day in life. They present a challenge that any of the other days of the week do not. Wednesday represents the middle, the proverbial hump, separating you from the start and end of a work week for most people. Wednesdays present you with a challenge. You may have started off the week strong, but now can you maintain it and push to the end. You have a daily 'Wednesday' type of choice in #75Hard. Each day is a grind and grueling in its own right. Today, I

Two Weeks Complete

Today is Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 and I successfully have completed the first two weeks of the #75Hard program. It feels like a great accomplishment in and of itself, yet I am still in the early stages. There were a couple main items I wanted to discuss today about my journey. The habit of reading and writing, how I am feeling thus far, and a motivational concept that popped up in my daily motivation feed on my phone. Reading and Writing I have been diligently and faithfull

Day 12 and 13 Combined

Do not fear! I did not succumb to the bitch voice and end my journey. Rather, I was extremely busy with school and bartending, that I was not able to post yesterday. Friday was a successful day in every way for #75Hard, however it was my most stressful and testing day thus far. I normally start my day with a workout, but this Friday was a test day for my students and my online testing system was giving me hiccups, so I had to leave early for work. The plan was to do a walk af

The First Temptation

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there that may read this. I hope your day has been filled with health, happiness, and a desire to give your best effort possible. Today has been a good recovery day for me. My workouts consisted of a 45 minute changing intensity bike ride (9.83 miles) and a 45 minute brisk paced walk. This morning, I got some much needed extra rest to prepare for the final push of the week. We have early release every Wednesday, so my schedule runs from 8-230 a

Coach Wooden's Lesson (Day 9)

Competitive Greatness Through my commitment to #75Hard, I have reaped numerous other benefits I really did not initially expect would be such a big help on my human development. The biggest unexpected benefit has been through reading books. Tomorrow, I will finish my second book in 10 days, something that I haven't done in years (at least for fun and my own personal growth). By reading Coach Wooden's principles, it has also opened my eyes to how I can be a much more effective

Mindset Shift (Day 8)

Realization of What is Possible Hello all, day 8 here is off and running. I started my morning at about 615 am with a 32 oz water, hopped into workout clothes, and went to #CrossfitEnvision for a 7-8 am workout session. The workout was one of the most grueling yet to date. We started with a banded warmup, worked on squats @ 65% of our max, and ended with a 20 min Row/Box Jump/Deadlift WOD. That was one full hour spent maximizing my improvement. When finished, I was completely

75 Hard: Day 3 (1-12-22)

My Routine We have made it to Day 3. I am already starting to see so many positive benefits. One thing keeps circulating in my mind. Why did I wait so long?! My daily routine currently does not involve work since I am quarantined. I wake up each day and take my daily meds which includes Zyrtec and a multivitamin. During Covid, I have added Cold and Flu doses every 4-6 hours, ibuprofen twice daily, and mucinex to thin the buildup of mucous in my throat and chest to hopefully a

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