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28 is One of My Favorite Numbers

Feb 6, 2022--> Day 28 of 75

Today has been an extremely productive Sunday. I woke up to the warm face of my pup Lola alerting me I could not sleep anymore. She always comes up to the top of the bed and tries to lay on top of you to get the point across. If you are lucky that is all you get, sometimes it comes with a nice paw to the face as well. I woke up around 8 am, which for me is a nice sleep in compared to my regular 5 am routine. I was able to get my day started off well by reading my 10 page minimum of self improvement and watching Sunday Mass prior to 10 am. I then made a measured, healthy breakfast before heading off to Planet Fitness for workout #1. Today, I biked nearly 10 miles in the first of two 45 minute workouts. It felt really good to get the blood flowing. I generally do intervals the entire time, 1 minute above 100 watts and then followed by a minute of 50 watts or higher. It really has toned and leaned up my legs by following this method. I went home, showered up, ate my lunch, and proceeded to go downtown to Persimmon Hollow to claim my mug club entry (only a month late and while I cannot christen it properly with a beer). I ended up downing my 3rd 32 oz serving of water for the day and fired up the laptop for a day of online poker. What started at about 3 pm ended at 5 with me busting out of both tournaments. I had good starts to each tournament, but was plagued with losing pretty much every key hand following the end of the registration period. I lost A-K to A-9 off-suit all in pre-flop in one tournament, and lost 7-6 suited to 44 after a 3-5-4 flop. The turn abruptly put the case 4 on the board, ending any hope for a victory. I was crippled down to 2 big blinds and found a way to get back up to a 10 big blind stack, only to lose with JJ when my opponent woke up with QQ. Sigh. Anyway, that is sometimes just how it goes. You can play everything correctly and lose. To me, even a bad day of poker and hanging out is much better than many other options. I always count my blessings and thank God for the ability to do these kind of activities. I know that with dedication and continued growth, poker will provide me with many positive outcomes in the future. I live to fight another day. Now, I will head back home and attack this evening 45 min walk with intensity so I end day 28 off on a strong note and head into tomorrow's new week with the resolve to keep pushing forward. Till next time...


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