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75 Hard Day #4

Day 4

Well so far, I am loving this whole program and lifestyle change. I am finally past my quarantine mark and feeling 100%. Zero symptoms for about 72 hours now (fever). It feels so good to know that I am past this and can continue to progress. I break down my life each and every day and have developed a motivated plan for every moment of my life. I find that by doing this and setting an agenda, it helps me complete the tasks at hand. This may come across are pretty obvious, however it means more now that I am living a life with no excuses or deviations. When I put a schedule together, I HAVE TO DO IT! There are no cutting corners, there are no adjustments. It is time to buck up and discipline. Do what you say you are going to do. There are two easy ways to achieve this. First off, talk less and listen more. Saying less means that there are less objectives you must conquer. Trust me, those opportunities will come to you by just listening. You will learn far more and still be actively working through your day. My agenda for the day went something like this:

Wake Up

Pray-Thank God for another day and another opportunity to get better so that His Will is done. I also prioritize others first. My mother had surgery today, so I was extra aware. However, I always pray for the safety and health of all of my family first, I pray for my students and colleagues safety next, and then finally a small prayer regarding my life. This habit takes me 5-10 minutes at most and eases my life. I know that anything that comes my way will be never too much for me to handle. Disclaimer...I make a ton of mistakes and am a work in progress. This isn't virtue signalling, this is the facts of the matter.

Drink 28 oz of water-Sounds dumb, but I get this in prior to my morning workout to hydrate and also take my routine of morning medicine.

Morning Workout-45 minute walk with Lola pup

Meal #1 Protein Shake (160 calories)

Meal #2 Egg white and cheese low carb wrap (300 calories)

Drink 28 oz of water

Read my pages of John Wooden's book (today I read about 20 pages, 5 overall lessons on his leadership

Listen to a full episode or two of Real AF by Andy Frisella

Probably peed like 2-3x by now LOL

Drank 28 oz of water

Meal #3 Chicken Noodle Soup with cheesy broccoli package (650 calories)

Grocery Shopping to pick up needed protein and veggies for future days

Took my car in for routine maintenance, ended up being the wrong day LOL

Car wash and vacuum to make time productive

Dropped car off back to the wife and picked up my ride


Workout #2 3:30-4:15


Back at the Bar 5-10 tonight, looking forward to human connection again

Home, probably earlier than 10 PM, eating Meal #4 and #5 together...consists of 6-8 oz of lean protein, veggies, and a fresh fruit and almond milk protein smoothie

Reset and personal time for 30-60 mins prior to sleep

This may seem crazy to make a documentation of this, but I cannot stress how important this is to the plan and the formation of discipline in my life. It MATTERS. Now, I may take it a little too far, but it works for me. My main point of emphasis for today is to tell you to keep working towards making no excuses each and every day. Even if you aren't doing 75 Hard, set out a couple of things that you normally do not do, and set out to achieve them everyday. Start with little things, I don't know, like making your bed. Anything little and simple, non time consuming acts. You will be blown away how uplifting it makes you feel. I am starting to seriously notice how much of a fraud I was and still am, as well as all the frauds that exist in our day to day existences. When you make it a point to read Andy's book and see it for yourself, it truly is MIND BLOWING how many people just move about their day and just float through. If you are not cultivating your life physically, mentally, and spiritually every day, you are WASTING it! More good articles to come in the future regarding my BIG THREE...



Will to Succeed

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