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Coach Wooden's Lesson (Day 9)

Competitive Greatness

Through my commitment to #75Hard, I have reaped numerous other benefits I really did not initially expect would be such a big help on my human development. The biggest unexpected benefit has been through reading books. Tomorrow, I will finish my second book in 10 days, something that I haven't done in years (at least for fun and my own personal growth). By reading Coach Wooden's principles, it has also opened my eyes to how I can be a much more effective and successful coach for my players. Notice the key statement there, for my players. I am just their teacher and mentor. The glory and honor does not go to me. It goes to them as they strive to work harder and gain the competitive greatness to win a championship. I cannot wait to instill a new mindset that we control our effort and intensity, which is key to success. Coach Wooden says to "Give 100 percent of yourself everyday and you will be a success." Basically, do not worry about what other teams are doing or what their record is. Focus on our mindset, technique, and effort so that we give all of ourselves each and every time we are at practice and matches. The next part of this is to combine this with the understanding that no one person is greater than the team. When this happens, the team elevates to a new level that is difficult to defeat. The results then begin to speak for themselves. The wins, losses, and statistics that people normally worry about leave our collective thoughts and leads to a more mentally sound functioning team that never waivers in the moments of pressure. This is when #CompetitiveGreatness takes hold. I cannot wait to write my team a preseason letter with this information and begin to see them take their game to an elite level above our already successful seasons in the past. In closing out for day 9, I want to challenge anyone that actually reads this to not focus on the negative or what results you need to have, but rather set specific daily actions to complete and give 100% of yourself to complete these tasks. If you do this consistently, you will become competitively great at whatever you do. Whether you are raising kids, at your job, trying to become a better golfer, etc, this will lead you to greatness. Remember, there is absolutely no reason to be average at anything. The work will be worth the reward.

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