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Day 12 and 13 Combined

Do not fear! I did not succumb to the bitch voice and end my journey. Rather, I was extremely busy with school and bartending, that I was not able to post yesterday. Friday was a successful day in every way for #75Hard, however it was my most stressful and testing day thus far. I normally start my day with a workout, but this Friday was a test day for my students and my online testing system was giving me hiccups, so I had to leave early for work. The plan was to do a walk after school and then follow it up with a late night workout at Next Level Fitness. The school day went off well. All of my students seemed to do pretty well on the test and I was able to get everyone's grades input--thanks to amazing tech I use at school. I completed my walk and headed off to my bartending gig. I still had to drink about 40 oz of water to complete my requirement and complete workout #2. My shift was supposed to just be a 6-10 time frame, which is usually a quick and profitable 4 hours. I love talking to people, just ask my entire family LOL...but I have begun to really get to know people that regularly visit our establishment. It really is refreshing to have the feeling of listening as Andy speaks of it in his book. I am constantly learning from others. Obviously, I do hold conversations and elaborate if asked, but it definitely is a change up for me a lot. I think to myself so much about how in the past my talking has probably hindered my growth in a variety of areas. So, back to the supposed to be 4 hours part. Sadly, one of my fellow co-workers had a tough situation to deal with regarding her pup (broke my heart because dogs are better than 99.9% of all humans). I offered to stay and was much needed as only 3 bartenders would have to deal with the busier than normal Friday night that was clearly taking place. I enjoy the people I work with because they are good people and fun to work with. We all help each other and make the best of any situation. The party kept raging on and really did not slow down much throughout the night. As 1 pm approached another group of patrons arrived and we continued working. I was thinking to myself constantly about workout #2. I couldn't get it to leave my head. Part of me was like,. "Well, you have worked 4 hours longer on your feet than you expected, this could count." I immediately shut down the bitch voice and remembered in Andy's books and podcast that sometimes he would be getting his workouts done at 1 am or later if needed. I fulfilled the water requirement, which was difficult because you cannot just leave the bar when its overwhelmed to relieve yourself. Most of the people probably wouldn't have noticed if I had just pulled a Lloyd Christmas right then and there based on their sobriety. We finally cleaned, mopped all the floors,and completed our checkout list as expected. Our take was very nice for the 8 hours of work. We earned our keep. I stepped through my threshold of home at 258, feet and ankles sore from the daily workouts and the work night just completed. I forced myself to get back out there in the chilly night and jam to some Real AF podcast episodes to get my last 45 min workout in. I finally laid my head down around 4 or so, completely exhausted. I had done it. I lived a great day. One step closer.

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