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Day 16

Awaken the Giant Within

I awoke to the sounds of my alarm blaring and the sharp almost razor blade claws of my pup Lola alerting me that it was time to get going. I sauntered slowly to the bathroom and hopped on the scale. 278.2!!! Just for context, on Dec 1st of 2021, I weighed 302.6 lbs. It was a scary sight to see again. I remember just sitting there realizing that I had gained every single ounce of what I had previously lost and attained. It was a sobering and sad moment. I looked at myself and completely hated every bit of me. I had two choices. I could sulk, become even more depressed, and plunge further into a living hell. Or, I could decide that it would get better. Thankfully, I chose the latter. I started off Day 16 by starting a new book by Tony Robbins. It was a great feeling to already be on my 4th book overall since starting this transformation. It made me realize that the giant I had become would be transformed into a giant of success, rather than fat and unhealthiness. After a great day at school, I chose to do workout #1 immediately after at Next Level Fitness. I locked in and rocked an assault bike/wall ball combination workout, followed up by bench press. Now, I wait for my wife to finally get home from her long day so we can complete the day with workout #2 walking. It has dipped to very low temperatures for Florida lately, so this is definitely not going to be an easy walk, but I think back to what Andy's book said. Are you willing to put in the price, through all conditions, to make your success happen. I am, therefore I now look forward to adversity and stressful situations because I am in control. I control my effort, intensity, and mood. My life could be far, far worse, than having to do a cold 45 minute walk at 9 PM. It is all about perspective. Your shoes really aren't that bad of ones to fill. I know one person that will be ecstatic, and that is Lola Bear.

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