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Day 49

Still On The Grind

Today marks day 49 out of 75 for the #75Hard regimen. As of today, my total transformation from a weight perspective is 302.6 to 264.8...37.8 total lbs. It has truly been an amazing feeling thus far to feel so much better on a daily basis. My foot is constantly giving me problems flaring up an old injury, but I just keep one foot in front of the other grinding forward. The pain is unbearable at times, but ibuprofen and some ice relieves it. Once this 75 day commitment is over, I will be evaluating what the problem is with a doctor. I do not do this now because I know that they will tell me to rest and that is not an option right now. We have begun the 2022 Open for Crossfit Envision and we just completed 22.1, which was filled with wall walks, single arm db snatches, and box jump overs. It was brutal to say the least but proud to have at least accomplished 5 full rounds in the 15 minute window of time. The rest of my Sunday has been filled with trying to sell my 1989 Ford F-150 truck. A first set of buyers looked and were going to discuss and make an offer. I am looking forward to being done with it and having some extra cash in hand for the reward at the end of the tunnel-Vegas Baby!!!


I am currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F#%*%! It has been a very good read filled with perspectives that are simple, yet often overlooked. In today's society, we are expected to be either perfect or terrible, when a vast majority are actually stuck in the middle somewhere. All people consume is either the worst or the best of the world, rather than the truth and reality. This perspective needs to permeate more into society, which will help others from feeling such despair and lack of worth. I truly feel this one point is the key and reasoning that more and more kids, adults, everyone you can think of---is depressed and full of lackluster lives (in their minds). The most successful people realize they aren't that important or perfect, work constantly on improvement by immersing themselves in the goal, and then finally never stop improving. I am going to take this to heart and apply it to my life moving forward.

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