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Day 6 of 75Hard

Daily Update

Day 6 is in the books! Today was another full day lived to the max. I spent the day in my regimented routine. I realized something today that was kind of surprising. I am a planner, I want to know each part of my day set out ahead of time, even prior to 75 Hard. I set a daily schedule and order of tasks that I need to do every single day. I have been doing this for awhile on my own without much thought going into it. I am realizing that this is a HUGE impact for me and my journey through 75 Hard. It is just more of that type of stuff each day. I listened to an old podcast from early 2020 on Real AF today. The topic was to make sure and set goals that are big time and almost unreal to others. People that think they are unreal or impossible really are cornering themselves in for a life of limits and regret. Now, I obviously cannot become an NFL football player at the point, however, I can become a world series of poker champion. I can become a business owner of my own. I can become a landlord owning another property. I can become the principal of a high school. The list goes on and on and on. People's main problems are not that they lack goals. Often times, the goals aren't big enough and they do not set action steps to achieve that goal. A goal that is set without a plan in place is no different than building a house sloppily on sand without a foundation. It will be gone faster than it took the set up. I made it a point today to write down 3 BIG goals for myself for the next 5 years. First, I will weigh less than 225 lbs by the end of this year. Second, I will save a $25,000 poker bankroll. Last goal, I will purchase another home and turn our current home into a rental property. Now that I have these big goals, I am not done. Now I go about breaking down how I will ACTUALLY achieve this. 75Hard makes you gain the mental discipline and toughness to see things through so that it carries over into your other areas of your life. I do not say things lightly anymore, because the thought of saying something and not carrying through sickens me. And it is only 6 days in. Powerful things happen through small, tangible steps. Day by day, brick by brick.

My Day Broken Down

8 am Wake Up

Progress Picture

Drink 32 oz water

Crossfit Workout 9-10

Drink 32 oz water

Protein shake/egg wrap (meals 1 and 2)


Drink 32 oz water

Bartend 12-8 (I ended up being cut at 6:45)

Meal #3 while at work around 3:30 pm

Drink 32 oz water (goal attained)

Meal #4 Protein and 3 servings broccoli

45 min walk through my neighborhood

Read 13 pages of Coach Wooden's book

Blogging and watching the Patriots get demolished by the Bills.

9:37-->Relaxation and prep for the next day!

Do not forget, you have a choice to make each day. Either build your legacy or someone else will build theirs and leave you in the dust with regret.

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