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Hump Day

Wednesdays are a unique day in life. They present a challenge that any of the other days of the week do not. Wednesday represents the middle, the proverbial hump, separating you from the start and end of a work week for most people. Wednesdays present you with a challenge. You may have started off the week strong, but now can you maintain it and push to the end. You have a daily 'Wednesday' type of choice in #75Hard. Each day is a grind and grueling in its own right. Today, I made a conscious decision to work hard at every aspect of my life beyond just the challenges the mindset program gives you. I gave my faith, family, and students everything that I had. I accomplished all of my daily regimented routine. Now, I have two options. I can coast and finish off the week simply, or I can choose to push even harder and finish stronger than I started. I know that tomorrow's morning wake up at 5 am will not be the greatest. I know that the workout in the AM will take me to my limits. I know that I then have to get ready and be productive for the people depending on me. After a long day at school, I take a short break and then go work a shift bartending. Make your choices wisely by choosing to not take the easy way out on small, little consistent choices, that can ultimately have great impact on yourself. Focus on the what you will gain, rather than what you are missing. Anything that you try to attain in life worth having is simply the result of consistent small choices being made correctly. Easy enough, right? Then why do so many people live average lives going nowhere? They simply cannot discipline themselves to make these simple and consistent decisions. The other problem facing anyone trying to achieve greatness is knowing what steps to take. Take the time to find out how it needs to be done, whatever the goal. Try. Fail. Try again. Fail. Keep trying and never let up. Make every day add up. Make it count. Happy Hump Day, now crush the rest of your week.

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