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I'm Sure You Think I Failed

Still Going Strong

Well, life has seemed to get in the way a lot lately in terms of taking my time away from being able to write on a daily basis. I am going to try and get back on track with more frequent updates like in the past. Today is Day 24 for my wife and I on our #75Hard journey. Today was a rest day from crossfit training, as I completed two 45 minute walking workouts. Tomorrow, I will back on the grind with an hour morning crossfit workout and evening cardio session. To date, I am down 25 total pounds since Dec 1st, with my sights set on the next 25. I feel so much better each and every day and seeing the scale dramatically drop really pushes me forward when the grind becomes difficult. I have been reading Tony Robbins' book and the topic today was to stress that ultimately any change you want to make in your life, must be rooted in belief. You have to believe it is possible, you have to give every little effort to achieve the goal, and then you have to acknowledge that absolutely no outside force can be the culprit for your failure. The accountability rests solely on yourself in everything that you do. If you make any excuse, you are likely to not continue with a lifestyle change and revert back to the failed habits. Every single one of us in modern society uses this crutch in order to justify failures. The truly successful people find a way to remove this mindset and crush any goal that they set for themselves. It is easy to come up with goals, ideas, or even dream. It is harder to find out what little details you need to guarantee success. This can take time and trial and error. Once you definitively know the small areas that must be consistently taken care of, the final and hardest step begins. The hardest part of success is sticking to and never wavering from your plan. This is mentally challenging and only the most successful become mentally tough. I am only 24 days in, and my mind is far, far ahead from my body in terms of success. I wake up each day with prayers in thankfulness for my life, prayers for family and friends' safety and health, and lastly prayers for my school and students' safety. I then repeat the following, "Lord, please make me a beacon of hope and light for the world, despite the darkness that does exist. Please let me do some good in this world and make an impact. Help me to stay true to my small details that matter so greatly. Your will be done and in You I trust. Amen." I go into detail about this because it is so important to me. I do this to show that I am a believer. I am NOT doing this to sound righteous, rather just to show my true commitment to being the best person I can be and make sure it is known that I include Jesus in my existence every day. I fail so often and have so many shortcomings, but by doing this small act, I feel as if He truly hears me and will help me become the best version of myself so that He can be glorified through my actions. Follow the steps listed above as you develop goals, plan their execution, and ultimately carry out your small details so you can achieve whatever it is that you would desire. Till next time, carry on and carry your cross, whatever that may be.

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