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Mindset Shift (Day 8)

Realization of What is Possible

Hello all, day 8 here is off and running. I started my morning at about 615 am with a 32 oz water, hopped into workout clothes, and went to #CrossfitEnvision for a 7-8 am workout session. The workout was one of the most grueling yet to date. We started with a banded warmup, worked on squats @ 65% of our max, and ended with a 20 min Row/Box Jump/Deadlift WOD. That was one full hour spent maximizing my improvement. When finished, I was completely gassed and legs were feeling the immense undertaking. I had to scale my version, but went as hard as I could on this specific day. It was not as hard as I could, because I can and will get better. Remember that the next time you say I went as hard as you can. You can always improve so that best is ever evolving. Just give 100% effort on that day listening to your body. In the end, you win regardless. #75Hard has made me realize one big part of my life. For years, I have felt that I have branched out in too many directions. The thought process is that you have to narrow your focus and be a master at something, rather than just decent or average at a whole bunch of different things. I was thinking totally the wrong mindset. My life is complex and does have many moving parts, but wake up! This is reality. I am doing far less than the most successful people do on a day to day basis and a majority of the reason I am not mastering multiple things is making excuses. I am far from a polished, finished project, but this was intriguing to me. My pursuits have been generally the following: Being a husband, follower of Christ, teacher, coach, professional baseball umpire, hoping to be professional poker player, and part-time job hustler. I had the thought of completely cutting out a few things and only leaving 2-3 to focus all my efforts on. By doing this, what I am really doing is allowing my life to be easier. I can focus on a few things and become better at them faster, but how is this helping me long term. Is it really going to help me stay hungry and active to achieve the constant growth I am looking for? By regimenting my days, I now know that I can continue to optimize my day and get everything done. It may be overwhelming to some, but it is part of keeping my brain and life active that interests me as I age. I do not want to grow old physically or mentally, so the only way to stay young at heart, is to keep active. I now incorporate all of the items I listed above into my day to day routine. It takes work, it takes commitment, it takes dedication to make this happen. It takes zero deviations and zero excuses. By sticking to my #75Hard regiment, it is carrying over already to other aspects of life. When I set my day to day schedule for the week and input a time or task to accomplish, it must be done. Unforeseen things can happen, but those are rare. Focus on the end goal, rather than what you may miss or miss out on. I have found my groove that works for me and I hope that others can see what happens to me as I move through that changes their perspectives. I hope they see that anything is possible. Go set your course now by planning, preparing, and FOLLOWING THROUGH!

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