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Still Going Strong

Day 41 Complete

It has been some time since I have posted, but I have been dedicating a majority of my time to work and staying determined on my goals. I have now completed all of my yearly evaluations for school, which makes me feel good to have behind me. A little update on my results thus far...I have lost 40 lbs as of two mornings ago. 306 to 266, however 10 of these pounds were dropped before the #75Hard challenge started. I feel a huge accomplishment for this, however I am determined to not make this stop here. The next 40 lbs begins and I am eager to lock in over my final 34 days. During this journey, my initial goal for 2022 was to lose 80 lbs. I never in a million years fathomed that by February 19th that I would already be at the halfway point. I have turned it up a notch so to speak. It is amazing to me what happens when consistent discipline and routines translate to HUGE results. We have set a huge reward now at the end of the journey on March 25th. Amy and I will be headed to Las Vegas for a 3 day trip. Once the 3 glorious days are done, the food is eaten, and some great drinks are had, we will be back and I will transition to Phase 1 of Andy's plan. I am looking into nutritional information to improve and refine my diet even further for specific goals that I have. I want to cut as much fat as possible now while maintaining muscle. Following that step, I want to gain at least 10-15 lbs of pure muscle with an end goal of about 225 in mind. It may be slightly lower than that, but that is in my mind. I will try to keep more regular blogging in the upcoming week to help me grind out the last month or so.

"Excuses are the champions of failure."


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