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Tommie Frazier Day

#15 of 75Hard

I titled today Tommie Frazier Day because this is the 15th day of my journey. Tommie was and still is the greatest Husker QB, college football Hall of Famer, and still sends shivers down Gator fans backs! He wore #15 and I wanted to honor that part of my life. He led Nebraska to back to back national championships with wins over Miami in the Orange Bowl and Florida in the Fiesta Bowl the very next season. He was an inspiring figure, overcoming bloodclot issue during his Jr. season. I was lucky enough to get to know him coaching back in Nebraska.

My Day

Today was the coldest of cold we have had in some time in Florida. The temperatures dipped down to 30 degrees and a solid frost awaited me outside at my 5 am wake up call. I honestly had the thought of just sleeping and making an excuse to not go workout early just because of the conditions. I mentally had to overcome this obstacle and thankfully was successful. My entire day from beginning to end went amazing and just as I had desired. My workout consisted of a 5x5 squat day followed by an AMRAP involving lunges, pull ups, box jumps, and push-ups. After the full hour was done, I had paid the price for workout #1. Immediately following school, Amy, Lola, and I went on a 45 min brisk walk to get in that second (outdoor) workout. I maintained my diet and hit my water goal around 730 pm today. Each single day can seem so insignificant to so many. Take the time to win the day and pay the toll of life, however you can. You will be thankful that you did. I cannot even fathom what the results in all aspects of life will be when I hit 75!


I want to take this time to remember to start and end your day with prayer. I have consistently done this for awhile, but I have become more active through this challenge. As a person of faith in Christ, the small acts of thanking Jesus for each day is truly a gift in and of itself. He is there with me every step of the way. I am grateful he gave his life and paid the price for eternity for me. I can never come close to that sacrifice, but I pray that we can all pay our daily price for excellence. Use this as an opportunity to fuel you forward and to live out His will in your life. Anything less is simply wasting the God-given life you were meant for. Think about that the next time you want to say no.

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