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Two Weeks Complete

Today is Sunday, January 23rd, 2022 and I successfully have completed the first two weeks of the #75Hard program. It feels like a great accomplishment in and of itself, yet I am still in the early stages. There were a couple main items I wanted to discuss today about my journey. The habit of reading and writing, how I am feeling thus far, and a motivational concept that popped up in my daily motivation feed on my phone.

Reading and Writing

I have been diligently and faithfully reading at least 10 pages per day. Often more if I can squeeze in extra time. This blog has also been a daily occurrence unless I become ultra busy with other more important areas of life. Regardless of how busy I become, it still can be done through discipline. Through reading and writing I am gaining new skills consistently to better improve myself. I have realized my next steps needed is to teach myself how to market and expand my visitors to the blog by adding it into google. I know absolutely nothing about online marketing, but my goal is to improve this aspect and gain this skill. I want my information and story to be able to be heard by others. I also want to begin slowly adding pictures, graphics, and even embed some podcast episodes in from time to time. I do not know exactly how long it will take to perfect all these new skills, but I will attempt them and not give up until I achieve that goal.

How I am Feeling Thus Far

As I discussed earlier, I have an intense amount of pride just by completing two weeks. The reality of it all though, is really nothing. I have accomplished very little. Anybody can do this for 14 days. Even some of the weakest minded people. With each new passing day, I start to separate myself from others. This is ultimately what drives me. Separation from average. Separation from normal. Separation from what is comfortable. Separation from the status quo. My feet, ankles, knees, and hips are all sore. Some worse than others from all of the extra activity. I am starting to embody what Andy says regarding the pain you will experience. "Use the pain to fuel you and take great pride in the uncomfortable." So now every time I feel the pain and think to quit or slow down, I simply push forward knowing I am closer to my goals.

My Motivational Quote For Today

"You don't get what you wish for. You get what you work for." Think about that long and hard the next time you think about your goals, dreams, and aspirations for life. You have to pay a price in order to have success. The harder the sacrifice, the greater the rewards of success. Embrace hardship and conquer it. I challenge anyone reading to make it a point to learn something new this week. Whatever it may be, set the bar high and demand to be excellent at whatever it is you set out to achieve. Do not forget the simplest of tasks repeated consistently and without modification lead to the largest results.

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