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Cinco de 75 Hard

The Most Challenging Day Yet

Well folks, it is 11:58 PM and I am finally getting around to writing my daily experience. Needless to say, starting at 5:15 am taking my progress pic, and ending now, I truly LIVED a full day for the first time in a long time. I was finally out of quarantine and able to go back to teaching at the high school. It was great to see everyone again and just interact with human beings face to face.

I accomplished all my tasks, but am quickly realizing what Andy talks about when he says when we get busy, that is when this program truly takes you to another level. Your mental acuity and toughness need to be completely higher compared to the level when being able to lounge so to speak during the quarantine phase of days 1-4. I started off my day with a crossfit workout that left me literally gasping for air well before it should have. It will take me some time I am realizing before I am truly 100% due to Covid. However, I will not be making an excuse and will push myself to the limit each time I am in there. I ate the same protein shake and egg wrap following the workout. After that, I had to make sure and remember my book and all of my daily supplies for teaching. I have found that keeping a list and routinely monitoring that has been key to not forgetting anything. Prior to 75 Hard, I would forget 2-3 things a day, easily, if not more...ALL THE TIME. Ask my wife lol, she can tell you all about it. Today, I had everything I needed and got to school and was amazed. My mental toughness had helped me rise to a superior level. That was all fun and games until I felt something come over me that was horribly wrong. What could it be? I went off and left my coffee mug full of the best part of my morning! I quickly lost all despair when it dawned on me I had an old coffee pot in my office. That truly saved the day, as I definitely was more tired than normal. I was actually putting in the first real day under 75 Hard. My day went well. It was great to see my students and ask them how they were doing. I ate my turkey wrap and veggies as planned. I also drank and monitored my water using a water app, ultimately getting to 152 oz for the day. Following school, I came home and ate meal #4 consisting of 3 servings of lean beef jerky and a full 3 servings of veggies. I fueled earlier than normal because I was headed to my part time job bartending from 5-10. We had a busy night and patrons were very good to all of us working. I still needed to complete my second workout. After all that work. It was also a particularly cold night for central FL...about 45 degrees. So I bucked up and walked nearly 3 miles. Finally here I am, enjoying my protein smoothie for meal #5 and signing off happily heading to Day 6. Days like these are the ones that really makes this program worth it. Days like these are ones worth remembering. Days like this are hard, but soon---they will just be like a walk in the park.

PS---We will see if my wife Amy reads these, I let the two neighborhood cats in during the night because I felt bad for them and the cold weather. HAHA!

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