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The Final Stretch

Day 65

What's up, everyone? I am still here and have not fallen off the wagon. We are on the home stretch and I could not be happier with the results. I have been serving a Facebook ban for the last 30 days for saying, "I would cut that guy as soon as the game is over," in regards to the Bengals non uniformed player running onto the field after a touchdown. SMDH lololol...some algorithms just have no feel! That being said, my ban is up in approximately 20 hours, so the goal moving forward will be to write each day (I am on spring break---zero excuse) til the end of the program. Thus far, my results have been pretty dramatic. As of a couple mornings ago, I weighed 260.4 lbs, down from 306.2 at my worst at the end of last year. If my math is correct, that is 45.8 lbs dropped so far in 2022. This program has led me to a confidence in myself that I have not had since I worked as a professional umpire. I truly believe people feed off of this and can tell the total transformation, not just the weight. As a result of this challenge, I now plan on diving into a possible career change, revitalizing my umpiring career, and never looking back. The growth mindset has been a part of my life in small ways before, but now it is what defines me. I feel much stronger in every aspect of my life. Only 10 more days until the reward---VEGAS BABY!!!

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