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Happy St. Patty's Day


Today marks day 67 on the #75Hard mental toughness challenge. I am still here grinding it out to a perfect 75 days. Following a facebook ban for complete and utter bogus-ness, I am back to being able to post them to my feed. Today is St. Patrick's Day. For most, this is a day to enjoy in excess. Corned beef, cabbage, and plenty of green beer abounds. I definitely will take part in a healthy version of the meal, alcohol will remain off limits. I am also set to work a large party tonight celebrating the occasion. I really look forward to this and being able to work with one of my best friends. The reason this section is called 'Nana' is because my great grandmother was a nearly 100% full blooded Irish woman full of life. She loved this day so much, it was her favorite holiday. She was so proud of her heritage, which was awesome to see. She was as real as they come, she always spoke her mind, and she was the definition of a powerful woman before the concept was even conceived in our society. She drove on her own until the age of 98, and ultimately lived to be 104. She taught me a lot in life, and I look back now and am so blessed to have had my great grandmother around for such a long time. She was a devout woman of faith as well, which was a great example. Like all people, she had her faults, however she was a model of greatness for our family. On this day, I honor her and her life. She was a rare gem, who I will miss and remember forever. Here's to owning the last 9 days and trying to make her proud!

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