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Week 1 in the Books!

Well, we finally made it through the first week. I gained an enormous amount of determination and grit just making it through one week. This lifestyle is becoming an addictive experience for me. It fuels me like not very many things have ever before. I feel like each day that I wake up is an opportunity to get better. I do not fear missing out on things or not being able to do certain activities. Every single one of those activities, such as drinking, playing poker, eating an amazing cheeseburger or pizza....they will all be there when I am done making needed goals happen. I will only have one life to live on this Earth and I do not want to waste my time here that I was blessed to be given in the first place. This is what fuels me, the fear of squandering my great life. Many people will assume this only means one aspect of life, such as making money. This couldn't be further from the truth. This program is one where you will get better physically, mentally, spiritually, any way you can possibly think of. I am proud that during this week, each category listed has been worked on and improved in some manner. Discipline breeds more discipline while excuses breed more excuses. The first leads to success, while the latter leads to disappointment and failure. Make you choice each day!

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